Preparing athletes for excellence
Professional coaches dedicated to training athletes for collegiate success on and off the court. 

Directors determined to provide the organization you need to support your child's basketball dream.
What We ​​ Believe
Magic Basketball is more than a club; it is a basketball family.
We are about more than excelling at the game of basketball; we are about excelling at life. 
  1. Act with Integrity
    Do the right thing in all areas of your life: Keep a strong focus on academics Follow the rules on and off the court Be respectful and make healthy choices
  2. Love the Game
    Be passionate and engaged: Try your hardest at all times, play with heart Focus on doing the little things right Practice perfectly, even on your own
  3. Make Relationships
    Learn from others on and off the court: Invest in your team, care about people Communicate clearly and build trust Be supportive of others and ask for help
Magic Basketball
Professional coaches training you to take your game to the next level and prepare for collegiate success! 
Whether you are a advanced player on a National Team or focused on improving your skills on a Junior Team, our experienced coaches are focused on strengthening your fundamentals and pushing you to excel in a competitive learning environment.